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Vendredi 9 décembre 2016

14h - bibliothèque de l’ICMN

Sustainable Polyester Elastomers Derived from Bio-based Lactones

Guilhem De Hoe, Ph.D. student in the Hillmyer Research Group, Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Many covalently cross-linked elastomers used in consumer goods (e.g., rubber bands, tires) are high performing materials, but their production and use is often accompanied by several environmental concerns. More specifically, these materials are usually produced from petroleum-based feedstocks, are non-degradable due to the lack of easily cleavable moieties in the polymer backbones, and are non-recyclable due to the covalent nature of the cross-links in the elastomer. These three environmental concerns regarding conventional cross-linked elastomers are the motivation for this work ; high-performing polyester elastomers were synthesized from lactone monomers that could be made available from bio-based sources. Furthermore, the enzymatic hydrolysis of these polyester elastomers at environmentally relevant conditions is being investigated in order to demonstrate their degradability. Future work will focus on evaluating the potential for these elastomers to be reprocessed via transesterification-enabled topological rearrangements.