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24-30 avril 2022 - Spring School on Nanoalloys, 24-30 of April 2022, Cargèse

The school will be dedicated to Structure, Kinetics and Environment to be linked with Properties and Applications. There will be 3 hours of fundamental lessons each morning concerning physical and chemical synthesis, characterization techniques (X-ray scattering, Transmission electron microscopies, Near field microscopies), theories and simulations and physico-chemical properties (catalysis, magnetism and optics). The afternoons, after a free time, will be occupied with practical works in small groups concerning TEM techniques, X-ray techniques, simulations and AFM/STM techniques and also hot topics concerning growth, scale-up properties and industrial applications.

The organisation committee,
Christian Ricolleau, Jaysen Nelayah, Suzanne Giorgio, Hans-Christian Weissker, Laurent Piccolo, Christine Mottet.

The IRN « Nanoalloys » organizers
Pascal Andreazza and Riccardo Ferrando

International Research Network IRN/GDRI CNRS « Nanoalloys »,

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