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4-7 Juin 2019 - Second International Meeting on Nanoalloys 2019 (IMN2019)

Second International Meeting on Nanoalloys 2019 (IMN2019)

will take place in Genova (Italy) at the Physics Department of the University on June 4-7, 2019.

IMN 2019 is part of the activities of the International Research Network NANOALLOYS (see of CNRS, but it is open to contributions (in the form of both orals and posters) from outside the network. IMN2019 follows IMN2018 held in Orléans on May 22-25, 2018, and will have the same format.

Participants are expected to arrive on June 4 for registration ; scientific session will be held on June 5-6 (full days) and June 7 (morning).
Instructions for registration and abstract submission will be given in a second announcement. We anticipate that, as in IMN 2018, there will be a registration fee of 100 euros for senior participants, but no fee for students.

Riccardo Ferrando (Università di Genova) & Pascal Andreazza (ICMN, Université d’Orléans, CNRS)

Scope :
The main scientific objective of the IMN is to promote large exchanges at the European level between participants (physicists or chemists, experimentalists or theoreticians) in the field of nano-sized alloy particles with bi- or multi- metallic components. The topics which are currently at the forefront of research in nanoalloys, can be broadly grouped into few classes. The first one deals with equilibrium properties of nanoalloys in different environments, with the aim of determining size- and composition-dependent phase diagrams. The second one includes a variety of non-equilibrium effects, such as those occurring during nanoalloy synthesis and growth, or those related to ageing under the long-time action of the environment. The third one includes the study of structure-property relationships, regarding catalytic, magnetic and optical properties.