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Publications 2021

  • Influence of PLGA nanoparticles on the deposition of model water-soluble biocompatible polymers by dip coating, C.Sinturel, M. Vayer, F. Mahut, F. Bonnier, I. Chourpa and E. Munnier, Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 608, 5, 125591, 2021.
  • Attenuation of UV absorption by poly(lactic acid)-iron oxide nanocomposite particles and their potential application in sunscreens , D. Cardillo, V. Sencadas, T. Devers, M. Islam, M. Tehei, A. Rosenfeld, T. Boutard, E. Rocher, P. Barker, K. Konstantinov, Chemical Engineering Journal 405, 126843, 2021.
  • Connecting molecular simulations and laboratory experiments for the study of time-resolved cation-exchange process in the interlayer of swelling clay minerals, E. Tertre, B. Dazas, A. Asaad, E. Ferrage, B. Grégoire, F. Hubert, A. Delville and F. Delay, Applied Clay Science 2021, 105913, 2021.
  • A novel approach to the study of extensional flow-induced crystallization, J. Amirdine, T. Htira, N. Lefevre, R. Fulchiron, N. Mathieu, C. Sinturel, T. Burghelea and N. Boyard, Polymer Testing 96, 107060, 2021.
  • Effect of ink formulation on the inkjet printing process of Al-ZnO nanoparticles, O. Shavdina, C. Grillot, A. Stolz, F. Giovannelli, V. Bertagna, J. Nicolle, C. Vautrin-Ul, C. Boulmer-Leborgne and N. Semmar, Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 1-10, 2021.