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Publications 2021

  • Influence of PLGA nanoparticles on the deposition of model water-soluble biocompatible polymers by dip coating, C.Sinturel, M. Vayer, F. Mahut, F. Bonnier, I. Chourpa and E. Munnier, Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 608, 5, 125591, 2021. 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2020.125591
  • Attenuation of UV absorption by poly(lactic acid)-iron oxide nanocomposite particles and their potential application in sunscreens , D. Cardillo, V. Sencadas, T. Devers, M. Islam, M. Tehei, A. Rosenfeld, T. Boutard, E. Rocher, P. Barker, K. Konstantinov, Chemical Engineering Journal 405, 126843, 2021.
  • Connecting molecular simulations and laboratory experiments for the study of time-resolved cation-exchange process in the interlayer of swelling clay minerals, E. Tertre, B. Dazas, A. Asaad, E. Ferrage, B. Grégoire, F. Hubert, A. Delville and F. Delay, Applied Clay Science 200, 105913, 2021.
  • A novel approach to the study of extensional flow-induced crystallization, J. Amirdine, T. Htira, N. Lefevre, R. Fulchiron, N. Mathieu, C. Sinturel, T. Burghelea and N. Boyard, Polymer Testing 96, 107060, 2021.
  • Effect of ink formulation on the inkjet printing process of Al-ZnO nanoparticles, O. Shavdina, C. Grillot, A. Stolz, F. Giovannelli, V. Bertagna, J. Nicolle, C. Vautrin-Ul, C. Boulmer-Leborgne and N. Semmar, Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 1-10, 2021. DOI : 10.1007/s11998-020-00427-z
  • Terpenoid-derived conjugated dienes with exo-methylene and 6-membered ring : high cationic reactivity, regioselective living cationic polymerization, random and block copolymerization with vinyl ethers, T. Nishida, K. Satoh, M. Tamura, Y. Li, K. Tomishige, M. Vayer, F. Mahut, C. Sinturel, V. Ladmiral, and M. Kamigaito, Polym. Chem. 12, 1186, 2021. 10.1039/d1py00035g
  • Solvent free Glycidyl Carbamates oligomerisation and solvent affinity of oligomers, G. Taing, V. Legros, D. Da Silva, C. Colas, C. Sinturel, M. Vayer, F. Ta, M. Schuler, K. Chougrani, A. Tatibouet, Macromolecules 54, 4, 1702–1714, 2021.
  • From metastability to equilibrium during the sequential growth of Co-Ag supported clusters : a real-time investigation, P. Andreazza, A. Lemoine, A. Coati, D. Nelli, R. Ferrando, Y. Garreau, J. Creuze, C. Andreazza-Vignolle, Nanoscale 13, 6096 – 6104, 2021.
  • Polystyrene Thin Films Nanostructuring by UV Femtosecond Laser Beam : From One Spot to Large Surface, O. Shavdina, H. Rabat, M. Vayer, A. Petit, C. Sinturel, N. Semmar, Nanomaterials 11, 1060, 2021. DOI : 10.3390/nano11051060
  • Role of interlayer porosity and particle organization in the diffusion of water in swelling clay, A. Asaad, F. Hubert, E. Ferrage, T. Dabat, E. Paineau, P. Porion, S. Savoye, B. Gregoire, B. Dazas, A. Delville et E. Tertre, Applied Clay Science 207, 106089, 2021.
  • Hydrophobised carbon foams for improved long-term seasonal solar thermal energy storage, P. Jana, E. Palomo del Barrio, M. Dubois, M. Duquesne, A. Godin, C. Vautrin-Ul, V. Fierro, G. Medjahdi and A. Celzard, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 220, 110849, 2021.https///
  • Proteomic analysis identified LBP and CD14 as key proteins in blood/biphasic calcium phosphate microparticle interactions, L. Jing, S. Rota, F. Olivier, D. Momier, J-M. Guigonis, S. Schaub, M. Samson, J-M. Bouler, J-C. Scimeca, N. Rochet and P. Lagadec, Acta Biomaterialia 127, 298-312, 202.
  • Resonant Raman scattering of anthracene‐based carbons in the secondary carbonization stage, O.A. Maslova, M.R. Ammar, C. Fantini, S.A. Barannikova and M.A. Pimenta, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 52, 3, 670-677, 2021, DOI : 10.1002/jrs.6051
  • High sensitivity Raman imaging of the surface of casted glass plates, M. Jacquemin, P. Simon, A. Canizares, L. Hennet, C. Bessada, D. Skrelic, E. Gouillart and E. Burov, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 52, 1048-1054, 2021.
  • Structure of Si-Ge melts studied by high-energy x-ray diffraction in combination with reverse Monte Carlo simulations, I. Pozdnyakova, O. Roik, J. W. E. Drewitt, A. Bytchkov, F. Kargl, S. Jahn, S. Brassamin and L. Hennet, Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 33, 244002, 2021.
  • Water and Ion Dynamics in Confined Media : A Multi-Scale Study of the Clay/Water Interface, P. Porion , A. Asaad, Th. Dabat, B. Dazas, A. Delville, E. Ferrage, F. Hubert, M. Jiménez-Ruiz, L. J. Michot, S. Savoye and E. Tertre, Colloids and Interfaces 5, 2, 34, 2021.
  • Magnetic Carbon Composites as Regenerable and Fully Recoverable Adsorbents : Performance on the Removal of Antidiabetic Agent Metformin Hydrochloride, F. C. Çavuşoğlu, Ş. S. Bayazit, M. S. Secula and B. Cagnon, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 168, 443-452, 2021.
  • Calcium alginate-Regenerated spent bleaching earth composite beads for efficient removal of methylene blue, D. Aberkane, C. Meziti, S. Ihaddaden, A. Boukerroui and B. Cagnon, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 1-12, 2021. DOI : 10.1002/cjce.24217
  • Thermal Stability Studies of Plasma Deposited Hydrogenated Carbon Nitride Nanostructures, E. Kovacevic, T. Strunskus, N. M Santhosh, J. Zavašnik, W. ES Unger, T. Sauvage, M.-R. Ammar, U. Cvelbar and J. Berndt, Carbon 184, 82-90, 2021.
  • A decade of innovation and progress in understanding the morphology and structure of heterogeneous polymers into rigid confinement, S. Ok, M. Vayer and C. Sinturel, Soft Matter 17, 7430-7458, 2021.
  • Impact of adsorbent carbons and carbon surface conductivity on adsorption capacity of CO2 , CH4 , N2 and gas separation, Z. El Oufir, H. Ramézani, N. Mathieu and S. Delpeux, Computational Materials Science 199, 110572, 2021. 10.1016/j.commatsci.2021.110572
  • Assessment of CO2 adsorption capacity in Wollastonite using Atomistic simulation, H. Ramézani, J. Jeong, S. K. Bhatia and V. G. Papadakis, Journal of CO2 utilization 50, 101564, 2021.
  • Influence of force field used in carbon nanostructure reconstruction on simulated phenol adsorption isotherms in aqueous medium, Z. El Oufir, H. Ramézani, N. Mathieu, S. Delpeux and S. K. Bhatia, Journal of Molecular Liquids 344, 117548, 2021.
  • The intimate relationship between structural relaxation and the energy landscape of monatomic liquid metals, F. Demmel, L. Hennet and N. Jakse, Scientific Reports 11, 11815, 2021.
  • Confocal raman spectroscopic imaging for evaluation of distribution of nano-formulated hydrophobic active cosmetic ingredients in hydrophilic films, L. Van Gheluwe, E. Munnier, H. Kichou, K. Kemel, F. Mahut, M. Vayer, C. Sinturel, H. J. Byrne, F. Yvergnaux, I. Chourpa and F. Bonnier, Molecules 26, 7440, 2021. DOI : 10.3390/molecules26247440
  • Synthesis of platinum nanoparticles by plasma sputtering onto glycerol : effect of the argon pressure on their physicochemical properties, V. Orozco-Montes, A. Caillard, P. Brault, W. Chamorro-Coral, J. Bigarré, A. Sauldubois, P. Andreazza, S. Cuynet, S. Barantonand C. Coutanceau, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 5, 3169–3179, 2021.
  • The Five shades of oleylamine in a morphological transition of spherical cobalt nanoparticles to nanorods, A. Moisset, A. Sodreau, A. Vivien, C. Salzemann, P. Andreazza, S. Giorgio, M. Petit and C. Petit , Nanoscale 13, 11289, 2021. DOI : 10.1039/D1NR01502H
  • Electrodeposited Ni on pencil graphite electrode for glycerol electrooxidation in alkaline media, M. Nacef, M. L. Chelaghmia, O. Khelifi, M. Pontié, M. Djelaibia, R. Guerfa, V. Bertagna, C. Vautrin-Ul, A. Fares and A. M. Affoune, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46, 75, 37670-37678, 2021.
  • Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth/Biomimetic Apatite : A Dual Drug Delivery System, F. Olivier, S. Bonnamy, N. Rochet and C. Drouet, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22, 22, 12247, 2021.
  • In vivo effectiveness of carbonated calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite-coated activated carbon fiber cloth on bone regeneration, F. Olivier, V. Sarou-Kanian, F. Fayon, S. Bonnamy and N. Rochet, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research : Part B Applied Biomaterials, 1-11, 2021.
  • Bulk supercooled water versus adsorbed films on silica surfaces : specific heat by Monte Carlo simulation, J. Puibasset, P. Judeinstein and J. M. Zanotti, PCCP, 23, 2275-2285, 2021.
  • Prediction of water retention properties of Syrian clayey soils, Arid Land Research and Manaement, H. Almajou, F. Muller, P. Penhoud and A. Bruand, Arid Land Research and Management, 2021. DOI:10.1080/15324982.2021.1965674
  • Adsorption of Metolachlor and Its Transformation Products, ESA and OXA, on Activated Carbons, A. Gomis-Berenguer, P. Sidoli and B. Cagnon, Appl. Sci. 11, 7342, 2021. app11167342