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Publications 2018

  • Adsorption of textile dye from aqueous solution onto a low cost conch shells, I. El Ouahabi,, R. Slimani, S. Benkaddour, H. Hiyane, N. Rhallabi, B. Cagnon, M. El Haddad, S. El Antri and S. Lazar, Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences 9, 2018.
  • PS-b-PMMA/PLA blends for nanoporous templates with hierarchical and tunable pore size, T. H. Nguyen, M. Vayer, C. Sinturel, Applied Surface Science 427, 464–470, 2018.
  • Kinetics and equilibrium studies of 4-chlorophenol adsorption onto magnetic activated carbon composites, M. Sebastian Secula, E. Dávid, B. Cagnon, A. Vajda, C. Stan and I. Mămăligă, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 17, 4, 2813-2821, 2018.
  • Improving the adsorption kinetics of ibuprofen on an activated carbon fabric through ultrasound irradiation : Simulation and experimental studies, M. Ondarts, L. Reinert, S. Guittonneau, S. Baup, S. Delpeux, J.-M. Lévêque and L. Duclaux, Chemical Engineering Journal 343, 163-172, 2018.
  • Phenylamide-oxime and phenylamide nanolayer covalently grafted carbon via electroreduction of the corresponding diazonium salts for detection of nickel ions, D. Pally, V. Bertagna, B. Cagnon, M. Alaaeddine, R. Benoit, F. I Podvorica and C. Vautrin-Ul, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 817, 101-110, 2018.
  • Electrochemical sensors for emerging micropollutants detection, E. Mathieu-Scheers, S. Bouden, V. Bertagna, B. Cagnon, F. Warmont, E. Joigneaux and C. Vautrin-Ul, La Houille Blanche, n°1, 53-59, 2018.
  • Solvent-assisted synthesis of carbon nanotubes-manganese oxide hybrid materials for high voltage aqueous supercapacitor, A. Mery, B. Cagnon, F. Tran van , C. Autret and F. Ghamouss, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 763, 62-70, 2018.
  • Carbon dioxide adsorption through carbon adsorbent structures : Effect of the porosity size, chemical potential and temperature, D. Nguemalieu Kouetcha, H. Ramézani, N. Mathieu-Cohaut and S. K. Bhatia, Computational Materials Science 151, 255-272, 2018.
  • Water Mobility within Compacted Clay Samples : Multi-Scale Analysis Exploiting 1H NMR Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Water Density Profiles, P. Porion, E. Ferrage, F. Hubert, E. Tertre, T. Dabat, A.M. Faugère, F. Condé, F. Warmont and A. Delville, ACS Omega 3, 7399−7406, 2018.
  • Influence of strong confinement on the structure and dynamics of liquids : a study of the clay/water interface exploiting 2H NMR Spectroscopy and Spin-Locking relaxometry, P. Porion, A.M. Faugère, A.-L. Rollet,E. Dubois, V. Marry, L. J. Michot and A. Delville, J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 29, 16830–16841, 2018.
  • Thin Films with Perpendicular Tetragonally Packed Rectangular Rods Obtained from Blends of Linear ABC Block Terpolymers, A. Guliyeva, M. Vayer, F. Warmont, A.M. Faugère, P. Andreazza, A. Takano, Y. Matsushita and C. Sinturel, ACS Macro Lett. 7, 789-794, 2018.