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Publications 2014 du CRMD

  • Engineering of bismuth oxide nanoparticles to induce differential biochemical activity in malignant and nonmalignant cells callum stewart, K. Konstantinov, M. McDonald, K. Bogusz, D. Cardillo, S. Oktaria, D. Shi, M. Lerch, T. Devers, S. Corde, A. Rosenfeld and M. Tehei, Part. Part. Syst. Charact., DOI : 10.1002/ppsc.201300380.
  • Ammonia treatment of activated carbon powders for supercapacitor electrode application, A. Laheäär, S. Delpeux-Ouldriane, E. Lust and F. Béguin, J. Electrochem. Soc. 161,4, A568-A575, 2014.
  • Multi-objective optimization of indigo carmine removal by an electrocoagulation/GAC coupling process in a batch reactor, M. Sebastian Secula, C. Cojocaru, C. Sergiu Stan, B. Cagnon, I. Cretescu, Separation Sciences Technology 49, 924–938, 2014.
  • Numerical study of DFT with mean spherical approximation for ionic condensation in highly charged confined electrolytes, R. Joubaud, O. Bernard, A. Delville, A. Ern, B. Rotenberg and P. Turq, Phys. Rev. E 89, 6, 062302, 2014.
  • Interlayer structure model of tri-hydrated low-charge smectite by X-ray diffraction and Monte Carlo modeling in the Grand-Canonical ensemble, B. Dazas, E. Ferrage, A. Delville and B. Lanson, American Mineralogist 99, 8-9, 1724-1735, 2014.
  • Structural and dynamical properties of water molecules confined within clay sediments probed by deuterium NMR spectroscopy, multiquanta relaxometry and two-time stimulated echo attenuation, P. Porion, A.M. Faugère and A. Delville, , J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 35, 20429-20444, 2014.
  • Magnetic metrology for iron oxide nanoparticle scaled-up synthesis, I. Milosevic, F. Warmont, Y. Lalatonne and Laurence Motte, RCS Advances 4, 49086-49089, 2014.
  • Real-time heat conduction in a self-heated composite slab by Padé filters, R. Heyd, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 71, 606-614, 2014.
  • Calix[6]arene mono-diazonium salt synthesis and covalent immobilization onto glassy carbon electrodes, C. Cannizzo, M. Wagner, J.-P. Jasmin, C. Vautrin-Ul, D. Doizi, C. Lamouroux, A. Chaussé, Tetrahedron Letters 55, 31, 4315–4318, 2014.
  • Correlations between the grafting conditions and the copper detection by diazonium functionalized carbon screen-printed electrodes, S. Bouden, N. Bellakhal, A. Chaussé, M. Dachraoui, C. Vautrin-Ul, Electrochimica Acta 125, 149–155, 2014.
  • Performances of carbon-based screen-printed electrodes modified by diazonium salts with various carboxylic functions for trace metal sensors, S. Bouden, A. Chaussé, N. Bellakhal, C. Vautrin-Ul, Electrochemistry Communications, 41, 68–71, 2014.
  • Thermo-chemical heterogeneous hydration gradient modeling of concrete and aggregates size effect on ITZ, Jena Jeong, Hamidréza Ramézani, Nordine Leklou, Thermochimica Acta 590, 165-180, 2014.
  • A Novel and easy chemical-clock synthesis of nanocrystalline Co-Fe bearing layered double hydroxides, J. Hadi, S. Grangeon, F. Warmont, A. Seron and J.M. Greneche, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 434, 130-140, 2014.
  • Thermodynamic properties of a chlorite and a berthierine derived from calorimetric measurements, P. Blanc, H. Gailhanou, J. Rogez, G. Mikaelian, H. Kawaji, F. Warmont, S.Grangeon, J.M. Grenèche, P. Vieillard, C. I. Fialips, E. Giffaut and E.C. Gaucher, Physics and chemistry of minerals41, 603-615, 2014.
  • Removal of a mix of endocrine disrupters from different natural matrices by ozone/activated carbon coupling process, T. Ferreira de Oliveira, B. Cagnon, O. Chedeville et H. Fauduet, Desalination Water Treatment 52, 4395-4403, 2014.
  • Isothermal dehydration of thin films of water and sugar solutions, R. Heyd, A. Rampino, B. Bellich, E. Elisei, A. Cesàro and M.-L. Saboungi, Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 124701, 2014.
  • Response surface modeling and Multi-objective Optimization of a gas separation process by dynamic adsorption in fixed bed, M. Sebastian Secula, B. Cagnon, M. Spiridon and I. Mamaliga, “29 Romanian Chemical Engineering Society Bulletin”, Vol 1, Nr 2, 2014 ISSN 2360-4697
  • Loading and release of internally self-assembled emulsions embedded in a magnetic hydrogel, I. Milošević, S. Guillot, M. Tadić, M. Duttine, E. Duguet, K. Pierzchala, A. Sienkiewicz, L. Forró and M.-L. Saboungi, Applied Physics Letters 104, 043701, 2014.
  • Structural transitions in asymmetric PS-b-PLA thin films induced by solvent vapor exposure, C. Sinturel, D. Grosso, M. Boudot, H. Amenitsch, M. A. Hillmyer, A. Pineau and M. Vayer, ACS applied materials & interfaces 6, 12146-12152, 2014.
  • Ruthenium staining for morphological assessment and patterns formation in block copolymer films, M. Vayer, T.H. Nguyen and C. Sinturel, Polymer 55, 4, 1048-1054, 2014.
  • Influence of system size on the properties of a fluid adsorbed in a nanopore : physical manifestations and methodological consequences, J. Puibasset, E. Kierlik and G. Tarjus, J. Chem. Phys. 141, 044716, 2014.
  • Fluid adsorption in linear pores : a molecular simulation study of the influence of heterogeneities on the hysteresis loop and the distribution of metastable states, J. Puibasset, Molecular Simulation 40, 690, 2014.
  • The SIMPLE phase II dark matter search, M. Felizardo, T.A. Girard, T. Morlat, A.C. Fernandes, A.R. Ramos, J.G. Marques, A. Kling, J. Puibasset, M. Auguste, D. Boyer, A. Cavaillou, J. Poupeney, C. Sudre, F.P. Carvalho, M.I. Prudencio, and R. Marques, Phys. Rev. D 89, 072013, 2014.
  • Color switchable, emission enhanced fluorescence realized by engineering C-dot@C-dot nanoparticles, Z. Guo, Z. Zhang, W. Zhang, L. Zhou,H. Li, H. Wang,C. Andreazza-Vignolle, P. Andreazza, D. Zhao, Y. Wu, Q. Wang, T. Zhang, and K. Jiang, Appl. Mater. Interfaces 6, 20700, 2014.
  • Correlations between the grafting conditions and the copper detection by diazonium functionalized carbon screen-printed electrodes, S. Bouden, N. Bellakhal, A. Chausse, M. Dachraoui and C. Vautrin-Ul, Electrochimica Acta 125, 149-155, 2014.