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Nanostructuration by phase separation in blends of homopolymers

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Morphology control with deposition and post-processing parameters

We study the influence of the processing parameters in thin films of homopolymer mixtures (for example the withdrawal speed in dip-coating) on the obtained morphologies.

Example of dip-coating : the thickness and final morphology (segregated phase, stratified phases, homogeneous phases) is controlled by the withdrawal speed

Preparation of masks for deep silicon etching

Submicronic segregated phases in films deposited on silicon substrates can be exploited for lithography applications. The selective extraction of the minority phase leads to the formation of perforated polymer films which can be used as etching masks. The selectivity can be greatly improved by converting these films into inorganic masks (SiO2, RuO2).

Example of etching mask obtained by phase separation in films of blend of PS and PLA. Deep silicon etching is obtained by cryogenic etching (program APR-IR SUSCRYPP, Région Centre Val de Loire, GREMI, STMicroelectronic).