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Nanostructuration by deposition of preformed particules

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Composite films polymer/polymer nanoparticles for cosmetic applications

We are studying the deposition of colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles formed in polymer solutions. In dip-coating, the quantities of nanoparticles and polymer entrained depend on the deposition conditions (withdrawal rate) and the characteristics of the mixtures (size of the particles, viscosity of the solution, rate of evaporation). The applications relate to the development of nanocomposite films for the release of cosmetic active ingredients.

Example of nanocomposite films obtained by depositing a colloidal suspension of PLGA nanoparticles in a PVP solution. The relative quantities of nanoparticles and entrained polymer depend on the rate of withdrawal (program ARD Cosmetosciences, Région Centre Val de Loire, ICOA, NMNS, IBrain, Bioeurope, Transderma)

Composite membranes Nafion/cellulose nanocrystals for fuel cell application

We study Nafion membranes in which cellulose nanocrystals are incorporated. Water swelling, mechanical properties and proton conductivity depend on the origin of the nanocrystals and the annealing treatment of the membranes. The application concerns the mechanical reinforcement of fuel cell membranes.

Preparation scheme of the Nafion / cellulose nanocrystals composite membrane and influence of the origin and the percentage of CNCs on the Young’s modulus (program ARD Lavoisier, Région Centre Val de Loire, CEA)