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Most popular article - Soft matter 2021

Parmi les 20 articles les plus populaires de 2021 de la revue « Soft Matter » (RSC), figure l’article de revue de Salim OK et al qui réalise un état de l’art sur les phénomènes de confinement de copolymères à blocs dans les milieux rigides (de types milieux poreux).

A decade of innovation and progress in understanding the morphology and structure of heterogeneous polymers in rigid confinement

Salim OK, Marylène VAYER, Christophe SINTUREL

Soft Matter, 2021,17, 7430-7458

When confined in nanoscale domains, polymers generally encounter changes in their structural, thermodynamics and dynamics properties compared to those in the bulk, due to the high amount of polymer/wall interfaces and limited amount of matter. The present review specifically deals with the confinement of heterogeneous polymers (i.e. polymer blends and block copolymers) in rigid nanoscale domains (i.e. bearing non-deformable solid walls) where the processes of phase separation and self-assembly can be deeply affected. This review focuses on the innovative contributions of the last decade (2010–2020), giving a summary of the new insights and understanding gained in this period. We conclude this review by giving our view on the most thriving directions for this topic.