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Mardi 4 décembre 2018

10h15 Bibliothèque de l’ICMN

Operando characterisation of chemical reactions on surfaces

En association avec le Master PhyFA Matière et Rayonnements,
par Roberto Felici, CNR, Spin Institute, Tor Vergata, Italy

X-rays are an ideal probe for studying structural properties of matter and, thanks to the brilliance of synchrotron sources, they are also employed to determine the atomic structure and morphology of surfaces and interfaces.

Surface x-ray diffraction has been originally developed to determine the static structure of surfaces. However with the development of x-ray sources, detectors and analysis tools it is now possible to characterise in detail processes which occur at surfaces.
Aim of this talk is to present our results dealing with the in-situ characterisation of the structure and morphology of a catalyst during a surface reaction. Examples will deal with heterogenous catalytic oxidation of CO on Pd single crystal surfaces /1,2/ and supported nanoparticles /3/ at ambient pressure and real temperatures. Our analysis highlights the role of the surface oxide in boosting the reaction rate.


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