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Jeudi 26 septembre 2019

11h - bibliothèque de l’ICMN

Creation of New Mesoscopic Patterns from Block Copolymers with Contrived Molecular Design

Yushu Matsushita, Professeur à l’Université de Nagoya


Block polymers composed of incompatible components are known to form self-assembled ordered structures with mesoscopic length scale variously depending on their molecular parameters, such as molecular weights, compositions, chain architectures and so on. This seminar represents several newly-found bulk structures created by contrived molecular design. All the parent block polymers were prepared based on anionic polymerizations, and hence they have narrow molecular weight and composition distribution. Polymer components used and abbreviated are S:polystyrene, I:polyisoprene, P:poly(2-vinylpyridine), T:poly(4-trimethylsilyl styrene), respectively. Morphologies of solvent-cast and thermally-annealed bulk films have been clarified by transmission electron microscopy(TEM) observation aided with 3D tomography(TEMT) couples with high resolution small angle X-ray scattering(SAXS) diffraction experiments. The following topics will be presented.

  • 1) Bicontinuous Double-Diamond(DD) network structure from ternally blends of SI diblock copolymers1) and tricontinuous DD structure from binary blends of ISP triblock terpolymers2)
  • 2) Gyroid surface from an STIP tetrablock quaterpolymer
  • 3) New tiling structures from binary blends of ISP triblock terpolymers3)-4)
  • 4) Several new tiling structures and a quasicyrstalline structure from S1IS2P tetrablock terpolymers


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