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Jeudi 22 Juin 2017

15h - bibliothèque de l’ICMN

Remediation of water bodies from toxic pollutants - Adsorption of heavy metal ions and anions using functionalized biopolymers and hybrid sorbents – fabrication of low cost water decontamination kit for rural household use.

Professor Ratan Kumar Dey, Centre for Applied Chemistry, central university of Jharkhand Ranchi, India

Résumé :

The objective of the presentation is to discuss remediation of water bodies from toxic pollutants using new materials and methods. It is important to note that availability of clean and safe drinking water is constantly reduced due to various natural and anthropogenic reasons. Water bodies get contaminated with toxic metals such as As, Pb, Hg, etc., and anions such as fluoride, nitrate, phosphate and perchlorate etc., in addition to various organic pollutants from pharmaceuticals/industrial and agricultural sources. Adsorption, being a cost effective and simple technique, has wider acceptance all over the world. Given the chemical nature of specific pollutants, it is always a challenge and opportunity to find out/to develop right kind of material and processes for efficient as well as specific use under competitive conditions. Use of biopolymers and functionalized organo-clays as adsorbents has gain importance in water/waste-water treatment process. However, the functionality of the materials always plays a vital role in process optimization and efficient use of such materials. The deliberation will discusses some of the recent issues in this regard and a possible solution to the problem.