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22-25 mai 2018 - International Meeting on Nanoalloys

22-25 Mai 2018 - Orléans

The 2018 International Meeting on Nanoalloys (IMN-2018) is the first meeting organized by the International Research Network « Nanoalloys ». This meeting is open to a wider community than the network members, organized by the ICMN laboratory at Orléans, in May 22-25, 2018, in the Loire Valley, France.
Nanoalloys are bi- or multi-component metallic nanoparticles. The tremendous growth of interest in nanoalloys comes from the fact that their chemical and physical properties can be tuned by varying the composition and degree of chemical ordering, as well as the size of the nanoparticle. This makes nanoalloys suitable for a wealth of technological applications, as in data storage and optoelectronic devices, chemical and biological sensors, fuel cells, catalysts, etc., in which nanoalloys can be more efficient or less expensive than single-metal nanoparticles. Nanoalloys are also quite interesting from a fundamental science point of view due to the complexity of their structures and properties and the interplay between them. The meeting will focus on the following topics :
1- Equilibrium properties : structure and environment effects
2- Out-of-equilibrium effects : kinetics, mobility and environment
3- Nanoalloy properties and their relationship with structure and environment

Chairs : R. Ferrando, Universita di Genova, Italy and Pascal Andreazza ICMN, Orléans, France