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Mardi 7 décembre 2017

16H00 - Hôtel Dupanloup, 1 rue Dupanloup 45000 Orléans


New perspectives of Advanced Oxidation Processes in the context of emerging micropollutants

Dr Marius Sebastian Secula, From : Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi - RO en RESIDENCE au laboratoire Interface, Confinement, Materiaux et Nanostructures (ICMN) - CNRS / Université d’Orléans

The accumulation of emerging micropollutants in surface water, groundwater and sediments is nowadays of major concern, which is already considered especially by European Union countries in the framework of the newer more constraining standards for the quality of surface water and industrial wastewater. It is a fact that micropollutants cannot be efficiently removed by conventional methods, which have already been thoroughly investigated.

This presentation will approach the challenges and advantages of Advanced Oxidation Processes that have successfully been applied at laboratory scale for the removal of micropollutants. Though, in terms of scientific research, the results reported are overwhelming and the variety of new catalysts has been quickly expanding, very rarely these technologies made the step towards real-life applications.

Starting from the currently considered promising advanced treatments such as ozonation and adsorption on activated carbons, the possibilities to develop a reliable technology based on several Advanced Oxidation Processes are discussed.